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Why Dildo (and Penis) Size Matters and Why It Doesn’t

Yes, plenty of people laugh or make jokes about small peen. We’ve all heard at least one, and we might have even cracked a few, too. But if you have a penis, there’s a good chance you’ve also worried about whether you were big enough for your partner or how you measured up to other […]

6 Things Experts Want You to Know About Using Butt Plugs

Using a butt plug can be a great way to get kinky or just another way to experience sexual pleasure (or both!). Playing safely is very important when using a plug or trying any other kind of anal play because the anus and rectum are sensitive parts of the body. Before you stick anything up […]

Should You Make Masturbation with Your Sex Toys a Habit?

Too many people wonder if masturbating regularly is a bad thing, and some worry that getting off with sex toys most of the time will cause harm or desensitize them. We think masturbation — with sex toys or your hand — is wonderful! And there’s a real argument to be made for why giving yourself […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Being Single This Valentine’s Day

Too many people, usually people in relationships, think being single on Valentine’s Day is supposed to be this depressing thing to avoid at all costs. Some people will hook up with anyone with a pulse just to say they’re not alone. Don’t put yourself through that. Instead, embrace the single life and the pleasure that […]


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